About Pixy Lands Photography

Hello, My name is Narine, I graduated in the computer science field, but I’ve loved photography since before I can remember. I had considered photography just as a hobby until I won couple of awards and met some inspiring photographers whom recommended me to take photography more than just a hobby.

Consequently, in 2013 I’ve launched my photo studio and called it Pixy lands. Pixy Land is specializes in maternity, newborn, child, and adult portraits and family photography.

I called our photography services as “Pixy Lands” causes I think kids are like pixies, and we are living in pixie’s world which is sweet and adventurous. I love the life that we are living, and I think every moment of it is worth to be captured.

Love, family and friendship are the essences of happiness which should be captured and cherished for generations to come. Our team will create beautiful, timeless memories to be cherished by your family. Additionally, we are committed to make the time that you spend with us a happy hour that puts even the shyest child at ease.

Pregnancy is a very special time in woman’s life; why not let our team capture that special moments for you.

Pixy Lands Photography is dedicated to helping you capture all your precious moments, and are excited to meet all your family photo needs. If you have any questions or just wish to meet us, we can be reached at 818 970 0645.